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KeonU leave a sad message for his fans with 'I LOVE YOU' songs
Friday, 13 July 2012 | 7/13/2012 | 0comments
KeonU Park yg d dgar mninggalkan Led Apple tnggalkan msej ni dri twitter buat fan2 yg slalu menyokong nya~ >_<
sdih btol bila bca...rsa2nya aq mcm tahu ja perasaan dia bila tulis msej ni ... msti sdih kan..

"Hello everyone, it’s been a while huh..?
I was really anticipating at the thought of seeing you all after making a comeback
But due to sudden events, I have become unable to see you..
I’ve spent a long time with LEDapple.. But, now I have come to leave LEDapple..
It was so sudden and chaotic for me as well so I’m sorry for telling you guys about it so late..
It’s so lonely and hard being away from all our members and our company family.. I once again realized how important they are..
My health condition hasn’t been great and although there are various reasons, in conclusion it seems it had to be this way as my path and LEDapple’s path are too different ..
Therefore, there will be absolutely no circumstances under which I will be returning to LEDapple…
Whew.. Everytime I was tired and worn out, I was able to hold on thinking about all my fans, but now I’m not sure what to do..
Anyways, I’m making a lot of songs these days and I’m also practicing singing..
I believe that whether as a composer or a singer, a day will soon come when I will be able to approach all the fans again..
So I hope you can all cheer me on my musical path and please cheer on LEDapple, who has come back with a new song, “Run to You”.
LEDapple will always be in my heart, and all the moments and the memories of standing on stage in harmony with all of you, I will forever cherish.
perkataan yg terakhir 2 .  . . . . .  sdih sgt2 . . . . . T.T smoga KeonU cepat sembuh~ T.T

KeonU tnggalkan msej 2 brsama lgu yg d compose olehnya~ dgar lgu ni nak nangis .... tringat kan KeonU  T.T