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TimeZ.....Yea bias bru (Part 2)
Thursday, 1 November 2012 | 11/01/2012 | 0comments

assalamualaikum! annyeonghasyeo!~~~~~
ok,ntuk part 2 nih aq nak share profile TimeZ dan gmbar diorang~
so hope u enjoy~~~

basic about TimeZ

  • chinese-korean members (mcm EXO)
  • CJ E&M brgabung dgn chinese entertainment , Super Jet Entertainment
  • 2 korean 4 chinese memebers

Chinese Name: Liu Guan Xi 刘冠希 (stage name) 
Birth Name: Liu Wen Bo
Responsibilities: Vocal, Dance
Hobbies:Singing, Dancing, Traveling, Learning Languages, Performing
Talents: singing, dancing, playing pipa, guitar, trombone, performance
Personality:very lively and cheerful, but sometimes quiet
Most satisfied with:eyes
Sleep Habits:sleeps on side, sleep talking, many quirks
Dream:become a successful entertainer
Cares most about:close friends and family
Way to reduce stress: listen to music, sleep, travel, hang out with friends, excersize
Wants to visit: North America
Wants: Practical things
Favorite Music: R&B, soul, pop, rap
Favorite Instrument: Pipa
Favorite Food: Chinese Cuisine, Western Cuisine
Favorite Season: Summer, Winter
Favorite Color: White, Grey, Black, Red
Favorite Sports: Swimming, Running, Mountain Biking
Favorite Athlete:Gymnast Cheng Fei 程菲
Favorite Actor: 차승원 (Cha Seung Won)
Favorite Singer: Beyonce, BoA, MJ, CHris Brown, Wang Lee Hom, Khalil Fong, Trey Songz
Favorite Fashion: Comfortable, Sporty
Ideal Type: Creative, kind, good personality, pretty eyes

Kim Seong Hwan (Jin Cheng Huan)
Date of Birth: 8/10/93
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Hobbies: listening to music, hiking, playing games, watching movies
Position: Dance, Vocal
Favorite singer: BoA, Taeyang, T.O.P

Lee Hyung Joo ( Li Jiong Zhu )
Birthday 3/5/91
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 56kg

Chinese Name: Mao Ruo Yi
Responsibilities: Bass, Rap, Dance
Nickname:Mao Mao
Favorite Actor: Daniel Wu, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Fan Bing Bing
Favorite Singer: Beyonce

Name:Tian Yi Chen 田翌臣
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 56kg
MinZhu University, Academy of Dance

Name: Kong Shu Hang
Height 178cm   
Birthday: 2/6/89    
Hometown: De Zhou, Shandong   
University: Shandong University of Poli Sci and Law    
Favorite Music: Mandarin Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz   
Favorite singers: jay chou, wang lee hom, david tao, jam tsiao 

  •  debut song Horray for Idol (Chinese)