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Thursday, 19 December 2013 | 12/19/2013 | 0comments
based from my real feelings.....

i cannot forget you
i work hard to not remembet you
i work hard to forget you
my mouth can say "...i'll forget you"
but my heart can't

i hope you understand my heart
i hope you not just understand it
i hope you can reply my heart

if you ask me such when i like you
i don't know really-really don't know
then if you ask me why i like you
i answered "i don't know"
seriously don't know
i understand your question but...
i really-really don't know

im really-really afraid to face you
when i met you the first thing in my mind is....
to run away....
i don't know why

actually this feeling is not like afraid...
of dark, phantom, bugs or insects
im afraid to face you.....
because im afraid that i'll never be able to call you mine
im afraid to face the reality
im also afraid that my heart will hurt in the second time

someone please help me...........

p/s - mian~ kalau ada penggunaan ayat yang salah

apa kena dengan diorang nih <(_ _*)> dah buang tebiat ka apa...i was like erk red indian dance?