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Liebster Award
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 | 1/14/2014 | 0comments
I've been tagged by Nada.
Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers that they have discovered .
Once nominated , all you have to do is to answer the 10 questions that was created by the one who nominated for you and inform him/her that you already answered them .

1.What is the most thing you really want to do ?
   sing one of exo songs infront of many people without any nervous feelings

2.Who is your fav west singer ?
  i don't know i just listen to their songs and love it

3.What make you happy ?
   when my friends make funny
4.Who is your ultimate bias ?
   EXO D.O

5.Do you like Unicorn ?
  of course it remember me of Lay
6.What is your fav animal ?

7.If you can be a cartoon/drama/movie/kdrama/kmovie character for a day , who would you like to be ?
  gil ra im of secret garden. maybe 

8.what is the most place you want to go ?
 korea or japan or maakah

9.What is your fav movie ?
 mischievous kiss love in tokyo

10.send a picture of the most thing you love .
 since i don't know what the most thing i love i just take a picture of this polaroid bcuz this thing  officially signed by heechul

the last but not least the nominees is....

1.what is the most important to you?
2.what do you hate the most?
3.what is you ideal type? you want to go with your boyfriend?
5.what is the moment that you cannot forget?
6.what is your fav colour?
7. who do you want to go to exo concert with? choose one of your friends
8.what song do you like the most?
9.what thing do you want to do?
10.list top 10 of your bias