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Saturday, 1 February 2014 | 2/01/2014 | 0comments

Rule 1 : Post the rules.
Rule 2 : Answer the question the tagger asked you, then make 11 new one.
Rule 3 : Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4 : Let them know you've tagged them.

sebelum ni aq pernah join Liebster Awards. so benda ni lebih kurang ja macam Liebster tu. but aq malas gilos nak tag sampai 11 orang tu. btw arigatou gozaimasu to aishas akura for tag me!  saya akan jawab semua soalan unnie dengan yehet! did u get stuck into kpop?
actually i don't remember how....maybe lepas baca tentang ft island dekat buku kreko kot....

2.make a list of kpop group you used to like and you currently like? (insert some pictures of them if possible
too many!!!! senang cakap la semua k-idol yang wujud la termasuk baru dan 5 my k-idol





3. What is your favourite Korean variety show/movie/drama? (You can choose more than one.)
Running Man, Exo Showtime,Infinite Sesame Player,Shinee Hello Baby,MBLAQ Hello Baby, B1A4 Hello Baby,MCountdown,Music Bank............(setakat tuh ja yang ingat -_-)

4. A list of places you really want to go if you set foot in Korea?
BWCW Store, EXO Pop Up Store, SM Ent Building and Tteokbokki Stall

5. Upload some derp photos of your bias (or maybe biases)?

(click to poke)

6. Your favourite Korean food?
Kimchi and teokbokki (walaupun tak pernah makan tapi teringin sangat nak makan tteokbokki)

7. Do your parents disapprove your interest towards K-POP?
Hmmm......i think its just ok...

8. Do you think your bias is good at doing aegyo?
of course! although they say D.O doing aegyo in a manly way for me its really cute! (semua fans macam tu kan..)

9. Have you ever met any k-idol?
TT.TT how sad i had never met any k-idol before......

10. If you had the chance to send your bias a present personally, what would you give him (or maybe her)?
my heart? kekeke maybe t-shirt or shoes that he can wear anywhere anytime and hope he will love and likes it!

11. Have you ever thought of leaving K-POP?

taggie : zie filzah ayuni atiqah hunhan niena
please answer my question and kindly let me know!
1. if haters ask you about kpop, how you describe kpop in your own words
2. k-idol that you hate? (state why you hate her or him)
3. desribe your k-idol type
4. a memorable time that you want to spend with your k-idol
5. if you can take ONE of your k-idol to live in malaysia who will you take?
6. ONE merchandise that you really-really want it
7. k-idol that makes you fall in love with him and cannot forget him
8. korean name that you love?